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Sports Injuries

Team Sports and Exercise Medicine is a unique sports medicine clinic specializing in the diagnosis, treatment prevention, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Being injured or not performing to your best can be a very frustrating experience. Downtime whether your interest is personal or professional only adds to the difficulties. We therefore ensure your treatment process is of the highest standard utilizing the full range of expertise available to aid you to a full recovery.

Over use and incorrect use are common causes of sport and exercise injuries. Newton’s law of force applies to the body as with all other objects. If the force generated is greater than the body part can structurally withstand, an injury will occur. This can be as a direct result of impacted or non impacted. Changes of direction movement patterns and changes in environment are all potential contributing factors to injury. These injuries are known as acute. Injuries caused by overuse are it training or participating are often referred to as chronic. In so much that they have been an issue for a longer period of time.

With our team of consultants we are confident in finding a solution for you. Our team utilize the latest available diagnosis tools to help assess your problems from Functional Movement Assessment to full Biomechanical Assessments notwithstanding they call on their vast experience and the experience of the team at Summit. Will help you to achieve to fitness you require to fore fill your potential.

This is a list of some of the more common injuries. Don’t be alarmed these are but a few there a vast number of varying injuries. We have produced a number of  leaflets that offer so broad advice. It is always advisable to have any injury fully checked out. So please  contact before taking any action the earlier the better.