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Who We Are

The consultants at Team are made up of sports medicine consultants; doctors, physiotherapists, soft tissue therapist, rehabilitation therapists, podiatrists, physical trainers and related therapists, whose single aim is to assist you to fully recover from injury and to help you reach your personal goal. With the team available all in one practice you can be sure that you have access to the right care at the right time so call Nigel Bower now.

As a team we all share Nigel Bower’s passion for sports and exercise. Inter-professional working within one practice helps you to achieve the results you require. Our team of consultants have a variety of qualification, experience and areas of specialists. This ensures an extensive knowledge of sports and exercise medicine and that all the team are up to date with all the current sports and exercise medicine break-throughs.

As a group of like-minded sports medicine specialists, we believe in a team approach to our inexorable endeavour to implement global best practice. Our specialists have all had different education, training and specialist interests, and the sum of all our experiences results in a comprehensive knowledge of the science and medicine of sports injuries and athletic performance.

Whilst we have a heritage of treating elite sporting performers. It is our aim to offer this experience to all. The very principals of sports and exercise medicine applied to elite athletes are very relevant to the general population. Many recent break through initiatives have come from the elite sporting environment are now part and parcel of every one sporting life. Often these break through initiatives can be used to the benefit of all whether involved in sport or not.

Whether you have torn a ligament in a charity run, or suffer from a nagging injury while working or playing sport, we have the time to listen and the experience, knowledge and drive to get you back to your best.

You are our sole focus. Contact us to find out how we can help.

Our Team

Podiatry/Chiropody with Joanna Bower BSc (Hons) Podiatry. MSCP. HCPC Registered.
Sports Therapy with Nigel Bower, MSc, MSMA, MISRM.