What We Do Nigel Bower

The Nigel Bower and the team are made up of sports medicine consultants; doctors, physiotherapists, soft tissue therapist, rehabilitation therapists, podiatrists, physical trainers and related therapists whose single aim is to treat you to full recovery and help you reach your personal goal. With all the team available in one practice this insures you have access to the right care at the right time.

Too often only the consequences are treated leaving underlying cause still a potential problem. With the use of functional movement screening, biomechanical screening and video analysis we are not only able to treat the consequence but also the cause. This offers a lasting solution and enables you to perform to the highest level so don’t delay contact Nigel Bower or one of his professional contacts.

We treat all our patients the same with experience knowledge and enthusiasm. We want you to reach your Everest. See our full list of services if you are unsure then call Nigel Bower or email and we can help.

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